¿Necesito un servidor?

Henry Kumagai
Written on: 
Septiembre 11, 2007

Factores a considerar cuando evalúa sus necesidades


Su pequeña organización sin fines de lucro está creciendo. Tiene más personal, más computadoras, impresoras y documentos que almacenar. Tal vez sea el momento de adquirir un servidor y administrar las TI en su oficina.

SharePoint Server

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Windows Server Standard

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Getting Started on Your IT Infrastructure

posted  Jue, 2007-03-08 14:47   This article is aimed at non-technical NGO managers and administrators that may suddenly find themselves having to take charge of setting up and looking after the information technology infrastructure of their organisations.

Most NGOs in South Africa aren't large enough to justify having a dedicated technical support staff member - and even those that do, may need a non-technical manager to take an oversight role in procurement and planning.

We've tried to do two things in the article; firstly some tips on how to manage your technology needs both on a strategic and practical level. Secondly we've provided some additional material that outlines some of the typical technologies and ways of using them that are most appropriate for South African NGOs - a very basic ‘IT cheat sheet'. If nothing else, this should make discussions with your IT staff member - or your IT consultant - a little more understandable.

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