Acerca de TechSoup Global

TechSoup Global  originates from the CompuMentor technology portal, one of the largest and oldest non-profit technology assistance agencies in the United States. TechSoup Global provides non-profit institutions around the world with resources and information about technology products and applications.

In addition to online information and resources, TechSoup Global  offers TechSoup Stock , a product donation service where civil society organizations can access donated or discounted technology products, generously offered by certain companies and technology partners of leading providers such as like Google and Microsoft. etc.

Since its inception in January 2002, TechSoup Stock has distributed more than 1.7 million products to 600,000 nonprofits and released them for over $ 400 million in payments.

The  Cemefithrough OSC Digitalis the local partner of the TechSoup Global Grants Program in Mexico, as part of the overall program of technology donations in 260 countries.